Message from the Principal

BJLI Nepal was first established in 2003 A.D. as Bhaktapur Japanese Language Institute. Later, as per our vision to spread Quality Japanese Language Education nationwide, we started serving our students and clients with name “BJLI Nepal Private Limited” with the recognition of Ministry of Education in Nepal since August 2013.

Since its establishment, it has been one of the leading pioneer institutions for learning Japanese Language in entire Nepal. In recent days, we are serving students directly from five different branches within Kathmandu Valley and near by city Banepa. And sharing our long-term experience, expertise and know-how, we have been supporting different institutions as back up service provider that’s located in different part of Nepal. Directly or Indirectly, we have been educating Japanese Language to thousands of students all around the nation.

About learning Japanese, one must be clear about their aim to learn Japanese Language. However, there are few persons those who learn Japanese Language as a hobby. I think a person who have deep interest to learn Japanese, can be perfect in speaking Japanese anyhow. No matter whoever the teacher and language institution might be. But the matter is that we must think about TIME. Only a well-prepared teacher can guide you toward your goal within limited time period. And BJLI Nepal has been always aware about planning the short cut way of succession to our valued students. I believe that periodic evaluation of language class through different exams, Audio-Visual programs, quality curriculum, direct teaching methodology, exchange program with native speakers will develop the language proficiency of the students in very short period. 

These days many students from Nepal has been attracted to Japan for further Study, Work and Business. Students are increasing day by day to exploring themselves toward brighter future in Japan. Concerning Study in Japan program, BJLI Nepal has been introducing very much attractive package for the interested students that it is very much economic and effective. We provide students a right information about schools and colleges in Japan and lifestyle, society, culture of Japan. One should know the surroundings of the country and regions where they are heading to. We are always aggressive to provide very much worthy information and advice to sustain in Japan and achieve good result in certain time. 

We know that Japan has been renowned Asian country after it rapid economic development in very short period. Japan is in third position in world economics and second biggest market of the world. Thus, study in Japan as well as working and doing Business with Japan will certainly develop our economics level. That's the reason I believe one can develop their career in Japan very much rapidly even more than American and European countries. 

We hold the expert teachers trained from The Japan Foundation and senior level teachers having 15 years plus of teaching experience which has been always our pride to be the member of BJLI Nepal Team. We have high level mission and effort to develop and promote the relation between two countries, Japan and Nepal from people to people and from different institution level. Being the pioneer Japanese Language Institute of Nepal, we have been dedicated toward providing quality Japanese Language Education with different researches and through the very special curriculum that we had developed in our very long effort on this sector.

We hope to see you in our premises very soon and give us the chance to serve you. Finally, I want to assure you that we serve you from the core of the heart.


Chairman / Founder Principal
BJLI Nepal Private Limited
"A Group of Japanese Language Experts."