Special Course for Individual

This Special Japanese Language Course is designed for the persons those who have very short time to learn Japanese Language and want to learn communicative language as much as they can achieve in limit time period. This course strictly follows the curriculum developed by BJLI and the speed of the class is adjusted with the speed of Students' speed. Most of the business personnel use to take this class as per their need on their business related to Japan. Likewise, the person who goes for working in Japan also use to take this course as the crash course as per their need and as well as students too.

Program Details:
Class Starting Date: From Students' requested date
Students Seats: Minimum 1 students upto 4 students in one class
Tuition Fee: 5000 Nrs. per 1 month
                    Application Form Fee 50 Nrs. / Admission Fee 100 Nrs. / Book & CD 1pc. 400 Nrs. / Meaning Book 1 pc 50 Nrs. 
         Total 600 Nrs. must be paid at the time of confirming the class. (For Newly Entered Students only)
Course Duration: Depend on students Needs.

Text Book:
Main Text Book: Minna no Nihongo I & II
Basic Kanji 500 (for Kanji Class)
Reference Text Book: Shinnihongo no Kiso, Human, Nihongo shoho, Shokyu Nihongo,Japanese Cultural Episode, etc

Output of the program:
1. Students will be able to communicate in general Japanese Language in the level of the vocabulary and grammatical power within Minna No Nihongo I & II.
2. Students will have confidence on speaking Japanese Language on their special field of needs.